Space clearing

Did you know that spaces, including your home, workspace, and even your car, can hold onto energies?

And that whether these energies are helpful or unhelpful can really affect your life?

The energy in your space can impact everything from your mood to your relationships to your clarity of thought to your motivation, and more. 

Why Would You Want to Clear a Space?

Have you ever gone to someone’s place and feel so good you wanna stay?

Or being in a room where you don’t feel comfortable?

This is because every place and objects are holding energy. They can be harmonious or inharmonious. It will depend on the history of every place.

Some spaces are deliberately cleared and filled with love and light. While others dealt with some hard situations like death, anger, divorce,illness, sadness or fights.

All spaces have the capacity to hold energy. And essentially all spaces do. They are constant shifts of energy between people, places. And this is normal.

But we do humans have lot of situations to clear up our energies like meditating, being in nature, being under running water.  

Just like people need to release the negative energy they’ve picked up, spaces need to have this same type of energy released, too.

What Types of Spaces Might You Need to Clear?

  • Your Home, Your Car

I suggest that you clear every room in your home, as well as your house as whole, at least every quarter.

We spend a lot of time in our homes and energetic hygiene is just as important as physical cleanliness.

It will help everything you undertake to go more successfully, people who live there to get along better and it will give everyone in the space a general sense of peace and calm.

When purchasing or selling a property.

  • Your Business, Office, Studio, Restaurant

Because those places serve as a constantly changing dwelling for a multitude of people, they can contain a lot of unfamiliar energies that have been released by these guests.